I thought it was an awesome class. Your Team of Instructors worked well together. The firefighters did a great job with the lecture and answering questions. The explanation and diagram of perfusion was great and really informative. Herb & Randy did a fantastic job offering positive suggestions and feedback during the practical hands-on training. All-n-all it was a fantastic training class. I loved all the hands-on training allowing us to practice our skills and become a little more confident, should we ever need to use it in a "real life". Thanks for such an awesome class!

Sherry P.
All of the instructors were personable, confident and well informed. Many participation opportunities were provided and they made sure we understood the content to actually help save a life. There were enough manikins and training AEDs for the class to move efficiently and provided more then enough time for practice. They worked with us until we felt confident in our skills. These great guys even provided snacks.

The firefighters really made CPR sound easy which gave me confidence to do it in a real emergency. Thank you for an awesome class and what you do everyday in your jobs.